Graphic Arts

I redrew your logo in Adobe Illustrator, so you've got a native file now that is scalable to infinity without quality loss.   (includes cartoon-guy)

$100 one time fee if you want this and it will be delivered in the native format (.ai and well as .jpg, .gif, .png, .tiff and .pdf.)

Print Media

Business Cards

Setup: $50 one time fee

Print: 1,000 for $150.

4' X 8' Vinyl Banner

The banner is indoor, high-quality with grommets each 2', printed on side.

Setup: $50

Print: $200

33" X 80" Photo Quality Banner with Retractable Aluminum Stand

Setup: $50

Print: $265

Total of All Graphic Arts & Print Media Setup & Print: $865

4 foot X 8 foot banner


30 inches X 80 inches banner with retractable aluminum stand

Full color, round corner business cards on heavy stock - can write on back, QR code on bac